Fun Ways To Teach Preschoolers The Basics

During the first year of preschool, your child will learn more than you might think. Knowing what your child will learn and finding fun ways to make learning each thing will help your child excel right from the start. Below, you will find a few ideas that can help your child pick up the early learning quickly.

Name Packet

Many preschools start working with the little ones to help them learn how to recognize and write their names. You can put together a name packet for your little one to begin working on this task at home.

A name packet is nothing more than an envelope with a few tools in it, including:

  • Laminated Name Strip – A strip of paper with your child's name written neatly on it that is laminated. The lamination will help it last a long time and make it possible for your child to write over the letters with a dry erase marker over and over until he or she masters each one.
  • Puzzle Pieces – Made out of a name strip. After the name strip is laminated, cut the letters apart. Your child can use those pieces to learn the order of letters to form the name properly.
  • Magnetic Letters – Include the letters of your child's name so that he or she can work to spell the name on the fridge where everyone can see how well he or she is doing.

Note – As your child's abilities progress, you can create word packets for your last name, sibling's names and the sight words that will be taught in kindergarten.

Color Baskets

Purchase some baskets at your local discount store. Get one basket for each color you want to work with your child to learn. Start small using just the primary colors – red, blue and yellow. Have your child find toys and things around the house that match the color of the basket. If you can't find baskets in the colors that you want, you can wrap them with colored construction paper.

As your child masters the primary colors, add the secondary colors. Once those are mastered, add a few more. Before you know it, you will have all kinds of things organized in the baskets sorted by color and your little one will have learned the colors quickly and in a fun fashion.

You can use these general ideas to teach your little one all kinds of things. Make the baskets into shape baskets. Use the name packet to teach your little one your phone number. The more fun you have coming up with ideas, the more fun your little one will have learning new things.

Check out the site of a preschool for more information.