Tips To Help Get Your Child Potty Trained

Most preschools require children be potty trained, or somewhat potty trained, before they can enroll in a preschool program. This can be a difficult task to take on, especially if you have a little one that just isn't ready to be out of diapers yet, or refuses to use the potty. There isn't a magic age where children become potty trained; every child is different. Some children get it right away, and some take a little longer to get the concept down. See below for helpful tips on how to potty train your child.

Get A Potty Training Book

No, not a potty training manual for you, a book for you to read to your child. There are several books on potty training that are kid friendly such as Everyone Poops, by Taro Gomi or The Potty Train, by David Hochman and Ruth Kennison. Both of these books are kid friendly and fun reads.

Buy Fun, Big Kid Underwear

Let your child pick out their very own big kid underwear such as underwear with super heroes or princesses. Giving your child big kid underwear that they really like may make them want to go to the bathroom in the potty, rather than in their favorite pair of underwear. 

Set Up A Potty Station In The Living Room

It sounds gross, but it may work. Some children don't want to go into the bathroom because they feel like they're missing out on something. Allowing them to stay in the living room or play area may make them want to use the potty. Be sure to use a towel beneath the potty in case of accidents, keep the potty at least two feet away from everything in the room and keep bleach wipes on hand. Once your child is using the potty a little better, you can move it into the bathroom and eventually get rid of the small potty altogether.

Go Nude

Take your child's clothes off, including pull-ups, diaper or underwear. Your child most likely won't want to go to the bathroom on the floor and will hopefully run for the potty instead. Be sure to crank up the heat a bit so your little one doesn't get too cold.

If you notice your child getting upset about potty training, be sure to take a break from it, and go back to it at a later time. Stressing your child out about potty training won't make things better, it will only hinder your efforts. Take your time and try not to get yourself and your child too stressed out about potty training.