Helping Your Child Develop Social Skills In Preparation For A Private School

Private schools set a higher bar for their students. If you want to make sure that your gifted child receives the best opportunities that are available and if you want your child to attend the best colleges possible, you will want your child to get into one of the top private schools.

Enroll Your child In A Preschool At A Private Academy

If your child is at the age where he or she can attend preschool, consider having your child attend a preschool at a private academy. In addition to providing your child with structured playtime, he or she will also be prepared for the type of examinations that children need to pass to be admitted into a private school.

Have Your Child Interact With Strangers

Help your child become accustomed to interacting with strangers. Your child will need to show people skills and will need to appear well-adjusted to not only be accepted into a top private school, but to also succeed in life. While it is important to help your child understand that not all strangers can be trusted, you should introduce your child to strangers in a safe environment, such as when you visit the office.

Find Ways For Your Child To Volunteer

Those who volunteer are more likely to be accepted into private schools. Have your child regularly visit nursing homes to play cards with lonely elders. Have your child visit a facility for children with special needs. Find ways in which your child can run errands for someone who is suffering from an illness. Then, these acts of charity can be brought up in an interview or can be included on an application or resume.

Practice Proper Speech And Grammar With Your Child

Correct your child's speech when he or she often uses colloquialisms. Reinforce proper grammar. Your child does not have to act like an adult, but learning how to speak properly will impress an interviewer.

Help Your Child Prepare Questions

Ask your child about what he or she would want out of a private school. Consider which concerns might be best brought up when your child is given an opportunity to ask questions and suggest that your child ask them. For example, if your child is interested in music, encourage him or her to inquire about the music program at the school. Asking appropriate questions and showing interest can better prepare him or her not only for the interview, but also for your child's time at the private school.