Alleviating Separation Anxiety When Your Child Goes To Preschool

If you are considering placing your child in a preschool program in the near future, and you are afraid they will suffer from anxiety when you are not in their view, you will want to take steps in advance of the session to help them adjust to time away from you. Many toddlers get scared when their primary caregivers are not present. Here are some tips to use when preparing your child for preschool so they are less likely to display signs of separation anxiety. 

Enroll Your Child In Several Group Programs

Before you start a preschool session, give your child time to get used to being around other children in a large group environment. Sign up for a reading group at a local library, enroll your child in a tumbling or martial arts class, or find an art studio that hosts painting classes for children. Bringing your child to many fun activities where other children are present will help your child to socialize. They may even find out one of the children will be a future classmate!

Take Your Child To The School For A Tour

As the days get closer to when your child will start school, bring them to the facility for a walk through of the classrooms and playground. Make sure your child meets all staff members they will be seeing daily so they will see familiar faces on their first day of class. If there are other children touring the facility during an open-house event, make sure to introduce your child to a few of them so they will recognize them when they are dropped off at the preschool on the first day.

Talk About The School Often

Make sure to discuss the first day of school with your child. Ask them if they are excited about going. If they seem to shy away from the topic, or if they appear distraught about the thought of school, you will want to have the discuss their fears with you. Talk to them about experiences you had when you were in school. Have them pick out a new outfit for the first day. Involve them with the selection of foods they will bring for lunch or snack if they are required to bring one. Involving your child by mentioning school a lot will help them become less fearful about the process. 

Select An Accredited Preschool For Peace Of Mind

When a preschool obtains accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children, it has passed a series of test deeming them superior in a variety of categories. This usually includes cleanliness, safety procedures, qualifications of the staff, and the physical environment. Since these high standards have been met, the care your child will get when away from you will most likely include individualized attention, making it easier for them to relax when you are not in their presence.